Tuesday, July 7, 2009

well today was quite a uneventful day...we woke up early and did some work around the new house, has the carpets cleaned, pulled weeds, watered ect, and got home with plenty of time to watch the mj funeral....didnt get too emotional until little paris spoke....we both cried, but i can't decide how i feel about the whole thing...did she want to speak? i just can't help but feel like the jacksons yet again forced the poor thing on stage. its a sad situation, no need to be negative i suppose.
than, as i watered the lawn with arash, i got stung by a bee!i felt sick for about an hour, now i am much better....
we had a little photo shoot with the girls last night....we are almost all packed up for the new house, so they have been my entertainment!
betty, in her faux fur coat just remings me of a little old lady, like a spinster from Manhattan, all dressed up!paige, my little geisha girl, and rosie in the hoodie just reminds me of a gangster rapper.oh life without my doggies would be miserable.

that is also a photo of our new abode, we are beyond thrilled, more pictures to come!

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deb said...

that pic is hysterical, I need one for my wall..........and as far as having babies without being pregnant, ,,,,,,,lololololol...good luck!